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Saturday, 3 December 2011

It's FINALLY here! : Le Macaron


Apologies for the LONG unintended wait. Unfortunately we hadn't had the opportunity to work on this beauty until a few days ago due to prior commitments.

However, wait no longer as it is finally here!!

Once again, we'd like to congratulate Florence Kwong of Toronto on her winning entry in November's macaron competition. The winning flavour being: Black Sesame Macaron with Creme Brulee Filling.

So ladies and gentlemen, please say hello 
to the latest gourmand member of Vanilla Kitchen's Macaron Collection.

She is a beauty.
No protest from us there!

Flavour-wise: this beauty was mind-blowing - intense, refreshing, amazing and so much more!

Upon first bite, you get the soft delicate texture of the macaron shell together with the oozing dark caramel that is derived from the layer of caramelised sugar on top of the creme brulee filling. 

This is followed by soft delicious onslaught of creme brulee itself: creamy and milky with a hint of French vanilla beans. Complimenting this was the refreshing bite of sweet, fresh and cold sliced strawberry right before the smoky flavour of roasted black sesame.

We are aware that the flavour suggested by Florence was solely Black Sesame Macaron with Creme brulee filling. However, for a personal touch we opted to add the fresh strawberry slices to add another dimension to this wonderful dessert.

Thank you, Florence, for your beautiful recommendation! :) 

  The filling: Caramelised Creme Brulee 

  However due to the delicate nature of the creme brulee and the freshness of the fruit, 
this macaron ought to be consumed within 12 hours of making. 


Unfortunately at the present moment, this macaron is unavailable for order. 

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