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Friday, 2 December 2011

December Bake Sale! : Come on down!

Bonjour friends!

Exciting news of the day: Vanilla Kitchen has joined Sweet as Sara's Online Baker's Day bake sale! 

This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to meet the Brunei's local online bakers face to face and discover the delicious goodies baked with love! There will be tons of familiar popular bakers on show, such as She Bakes, Mon Amour, Just Cinful, Lucky Hoof and plenty more!

So come on down and visit us! 

Support your fellow local business men & women! Buy local :)

Date: 18th December 2011, Sunday
Time: 10am onwards
Location: Restoran Muti'ah, Kuilap

(located behind the Palm Gardens Hotel & Fitness Zone)
Map and directions available below! :) - click to enlarge


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