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Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Honore

Hello there!
Apologies for the lack of activities as of late: we're still alive! :)

Before we forget, we'd like to say:

In the celebratory spirit of Eid Mubarak:


to all our Moslem customers everywhere :)

And to celebrate this joyous moment, we're happy to introduce our latest dessert to all our customers : The Honoré (pronounced as "oh-no-ray"). The Honoré is a classical French dessert consisting of pastry encircled by a ring of profiteroles.

Here in our Honoré : we have a sweet shortcrust pastry base, surrounded by Chantilly creme filled profiteroles. The centre of the dessert has been filled with two layers: a layer of chocolate mousse and topped off with Chantilly creme. Finally, the finishing touch - drizzling of sweet-burnt caramel over the profiteroles.  

Pricing for each
Size: 8-10 persons 10"inch (round) - $ 30.00 

Flavours available:
  • Chantilly creme (whipped vanilla bean creme) with chocolate mousse 
  • Chantilly creme (whipped vanilla bean creme) with strawberry mousse

This dessert produces a wonderful array of texture: the crunchiness of the sweet shortcrust pastry followed by the light creaminess of the mousse and creme. As for the taste: an intricate layering of flavours follow upon each bite- whipped Chantilly creme alongside the slight saltiness of the profiteroles and complex flavours of the sweet-burnt caramel

 Altogether, the Honoré is becomes a light and airy dessert that is neither too sweet nor bitter. Perfect for those who desire for a dessert that is neither too filling or heavy for the stomach.


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