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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

We are Open!

Orders for Bruneian Customers
Pour nos clients du Brunei

Flavours? Click HERE.

Basic Cupcakes Galore!:
Click Here
VK's Basic Cupcake Flavour Range 
Basic Cake Deco

Small cupcakes: $18.00/ dozen per flavour*
Large cupcakes: $24.00/ dozen per flavour*
*Minimum Purchase: 
2 dozen pieces - small
1 dozen pieces - large

Gourmet Themed-Designed Cupcakes:
Click Here
 VK's Uniquely-designed cupcakes in Gourmet Flavour Range
 Inclusive of detailed designs such as fondant flowers, teddy bears, faces, 
wedding dress, etc.

Cupcake Size: Large
Cupcake Amount: 24 pieces
Price: $45 / set

  Lollipop Cakes!
Click Here!

Cake lollies are only available in one size

Cake Lolly Prices:: $18.00/ dozen per flavour*
*Minimum Purchase: 2 dozen

VK's Cookie Bakes!
Click Here
Colourful and unique designs made fresh by yours truly!

For bulk orders in a box: B$10.00 per/dozen
For individually wrapped**: B$1.00 per/cookie
*Minimum purchase:
Individual wraps: 2 dozen per/flavour.
Bulk orders: 3 dozen cookies

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