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Saturday, 22 May 2010

.New Addition to Vanilla Kitchen: the Mother Cupcake.

Introducing our newest member to the family, Vanilla Kitchen is proud to present to you: our Mother Cupcake.

To illustrate how BIG the Mother Cupcake was, we took this photo to compare
the Mother Cupcake with the big tupperware container behind it.

Freshly baked, decorated, frosted and designed for you so you can share your own GIANT cupcake with your loved ones anytime and any day of the year. This Mother Cupcake is big
enough to feed up to 15 people so it makes a great cake for group celebrations! :)

Flavours available for the Mother Cupcake:
Vanilla Orange
Chocolate Mudcake
Mocha Vanilla Latte

The Mother Cupcake also contains a filling of Chocolate Ganache
in the centre of the cake (included in the order)

Apologies for the shaky photo, but as you can see: once cut, you can see the
Chocolate Ganache filling inside the cake.

In this photo, we have Mocha Vanilla Latte Mother Cupcake infused with Vanilla
and frosted with two kinds of frosting:
Chocolate Peanut butter butter cream (top) and Dark Chocolate Ganache (bottom).

Peanut Butter Frosting on top with colourful round sprinkles

This Mocha Vanilla Latte Mother Cupcake was decorated with colourful round sprinkles,
striped white chocolate and mint morsels and violet royal icing.
Finally, the Mother Cupcake was topped with a big pink fondant flower.

Topped with a Vanilla Kitchen Pink Floral Fondant

Price for the Mother Cupcake starts at $45* for basic design + deco
*note: more elaborate decorations (fondants, cookie wordings, etc) will incur additional costs,
please text to enquire more

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