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Sunday, 9 May 2010

.Mother's Day Cupcakes: Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes.

As light as feather in texture, yet as luxurious as velvet in flavour:
this was one of Vanilla Kitchen's cupcakes on offer for Mother's Day - the
Chocolate Butterfly cupcake (butterfly because of it's light and spongy texture).

Many of you may be surprised to know that this cupcake doesn't require any use of butter (aside from its Chocolate Ganache frosting) so if you're looking to indulge yourself without the post-munchy guilty feeling then Vanilla Kitchen has some options for you*!

*For our more health-conscious friends, Vanilla Kitchen may substitute the Chocolate Ganache frosting with a healthier choice upon request.

For Mother's Day, Vanilla Kitchen has decorated this cupcake with
custom-designed flowers and home-made cookies.
Cookie wordings and designs may be customised
upon request
(subject to design availability)

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